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Degrassi: The New Generation

..whatever it takes ...

Degrassi Role-Playing!
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All Members , Moderated
this community is for degrassi fans ..
it's a role-playing community

RP's -
-ashley kerwin - missxashleyk
-ellie nash - allfallsdown911
-paige michalchuk - notyorpoorthing
-spinner mason - spinitup
-jimmy brooks -
-craig manning - _hailtothethief
-terri mcgregor -
-marco del rossi - marco_d
-hazel aden - pretty_hazel

-emma nelson - not_over_you
-manny santos - degrassi_manny
-jt yorke - __jtyorke__
-toby issacs -
-liberty van zandt -
-sean cameron - _seancameron
-chris sharpe

-kendra mason - kendranime
-joey jeremiah -
-caitlyn ryan -
-snake -
-spike -
-dylan michaelchuk - hockey_chuk
-jay(gangsta gangsta) -
-alex(gangsta gangsta) -
-sully - x_sully_x
-dean -
-mr.radditch -
-mrs.kwan -
-mrs.hattsolocos -

if u can think of anymore good ones just tell me alright

degrassilove_rpcan be used for news,character information, actor/actress information, banner posting, icon posting etc. !

disclaimer :
this is a role-playing community, all the characters portrayed are not the real ones you see and watch on the show.

rules :

1. if you are a role-player, you must post role-playing entries in your journal, the community journal is just for updates on the show and characters like a newsboard type deal, however, if u'd like to inform us of an update feel free to post with a link to your journal that you have made an update

2. if you are going to write an entry out of character please make sure you specify "OFC" (out of character) thanks!


kk hope everyone can enjoy the community =)

<3 xo. courtney